Recent Work - Alley Creek Migration Watch
A number of years ago, I detected a spring movement of hawks past Little Neck Bay in northeastern Queens Co. (on Long Island). I decided that this year I would devote some time to learning if hawks actually migrate northward on any regular basis here, I chose a spot that offered a wider view of the sky, and would be more enjoyable for spending extended time in. That spot is in a meadow near Alley Creek. Yes, there are hawks coming through here, It has its limitations, but there are some hawks every day -- and a surprising variety at that. And there are a few other diurnal migrants passing over. And some nocturnal ones that stop over. The surrounding habitat isn't bad either, adding to the variety of birds. On this page is a sample of the bird life that has been observed.    
  Bald Eagle  Rare for northern Queens Little Blue Heron 
Red-throated Loon on Alley Creek High fliers: adult Broad-winged Hawk, immature Red-shouldered Hawk Migrating Great Blue Herons
Northern Flicker Resident Osprey with Striped Bass
Killdeer nest  The happy couple  Black-crowned Night-Heron on Alley Creek
Migrating Double-crested Cormorants (Red-tailed) Hawk watching the hawk watcher
Boat-tailed Grackle  Eastern Meadowlark  Peregrine Falcon