Recent Work - On Golden Pond
The Queens park and pond I've always known as Crocheron are now also known as Golden -- after someone of that name I presume. For one day, at least, it was golden in another way -- for the critters and such of that hue that lit up the place. These included a Wilson's Warbler, a Western Tanager, a Cucumber Beetle on Dandelion, an Orange Sulphur, and Yellow-breasted Chat. Also on this page are photos of the now famous Hammond's Flycatcher from Central Park and a gentleman who's been on a real roll in chasing birds. That's Peter Reisfeld, who apparently has been dressing for the success that's come his way. I got permission to use a picture of him so I could fill up the page as it didn't look like I would succeed in photographing the Wilson's. Although I finally did, I still had to make room for Peter.